Our Weekend Recap

Friday evening: We had dinner with Curt’s parents and Claire’s family. The news of Claire getting a sibling was exciting! Then we saw Chaska’s production of A Christmas Carol (the musical). Curt’s old roommate Tyler was in it and we were very excited to see him on stage. He can sing!

Saturday: After a morning photoshoot I had a knitting marathon so I could finish the blanket for Barnibus. In the evening I went to my sister’s baby shower. It was a nice gathering and we are all excited to have the baby come. For Curt, he hung out with Anton and Nicole. They saw a movie which apparently was bad (I don’t remember the name).

Sunday: After a client meeting we went to Ikea and the Mall of America. I was a bit surprised when Curt suggested that we go! At Ikea we had lunch and looked at their cool displays. At the Mall of America we swiped samples of lotion for our dry hands and sprayed on women’s perfume in Macy’s (Curt did too) before some people watching and crowd navigation. It was fun! And we finally checked out the Levi’s store! Curt tried on a few pairs. It’s always amusing to go jean shopping with Curt. His muscular thighs make some boot cut jeans look like skinny jeans. It’s hilarious. The store clerk also told us about some unfinished jeans where you wear them while sitting in the tub. You get out and let them dry while still on. And magically they are the perfect fit! Finally for dinner I made a really spicy soup. I got carried away with the chilli flakes and red rooster chilli sauce. It was even spicy for me, but Curt was sweating a lot. I felt very bad because by the end of the night it looked like he just stepped out of the shower!

sorry you can’t see the sweat in this picture.

It was a great weekend.

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