Cleaning and rounding out the year

We have a wire, mesh strainer/colander. I find it to be sort of a challenge when I try to clean it. Same thing with wine glasses.

I’m looking forward to meeting people this week. It will be slightly busy as I have five photoshoots. After this week, with the exception of 2 weddings and four already scheduled photoshoots, I look forward to laying low for December and January. I’m going to use the time to reflect on ways I can improve the business, network, and work on marketing. I’m really looking forward to the time to think, plan, and reorganize. So, unfortunately, no more scheduled photoshoots for December and January.

Check back sometime soon for more pictures though. They are fun.



  1. kborn says:

    my two least favorite things to clean too!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Not a big fan of the wire/mesh strainer either! Our plastic one cleans much easier.

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