On Vacation!

We are on vacation up in Lutsen, MN with the Wood clan! Talk about perfect weather and fun things to do! We’ve done things like mountain biking, hiking, walking, alpine sliding, and simply hanging out! Today I conquered my fear of heights for a brief moment and went up a chair lift twice. And Brent managed to hurt himself on the Alpine slide but should be fine in a few days. And our niece Audrey is being a perfect angel. What fun! More posts to come soon!


  1. Heidi says:

    I was wondering how the weather was for you guys up there! It’s beautiful here too…glad you are having a great time! Need more info on Brent’s injury!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Sounds interesting!!

  3. hey christine! so good to hear from you! wow, i didn’t know you are a photographer! i’m so behind. also, you look so beautiful in your wedding picture — wow!!! i really hope we’ll get to see you and meet curt next time we are in the states! miss you!!!

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