2008 Turtleman Triathlon

This post is fantastically overdue as the Turtleman Triathlon was a week ago!?!? Anyway, better now then never! Once again I had a great time spectating with Nicole. We were a little worried when Anton didn’t come in when we expected, but we are relieved that he finished despite his weird stomach pains! Turtleman was one of Curt’s last races of the season…kind of sad. But fall and winter will serve as a time of rest and refreshing! Onward and upward we go!
Anyway, that same weekend we had quite a blast visiting family in Mankato (ate dinner at the great Mongolian BBQ and had a shower for Audrey) and went to a wedding reception for Curt’s friends, Jerrod and Susannah. Congratulations to the happy couple!!!! Woohoo!

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